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New York City’s Best Summer Secrets

Ah, New York in the summer; the bustle of the people, the energetic atmosphere and the endless attractions. While there are many hot spots around “the big apple” there are two special venues that the locals swear by: Turtle Bay and 230 Fifth.

Turtle Bay

If you’re looking to dance the night away with a live DJ Wednesday-Saturday or catch the Yankees game on 25 HD plasma TVs, Turtle Bay might just be the spot for you. It’s also the best spot in NYC to find a “date” for Turtle Bay was voted the #1 best hookup bar by the NY post!

If Summer is your perfect excuse to throw a party then great news: Turtle Bay makes it easy for you to plan your shin dig online; visit http://www.turtlebaynyc.com/ and check out your options on the right hand side. Their convenient open bar party packages allow you to book a great night for your guests for only $20-$40 a person.

Located at 230 Fifth Ave (only a few subway stops away from Turtle Bay) is the famous 230 FIFTH nightclub. Voted NYC’s #1 Rooftop Garden and Fully Enclosed Penthouse Lounge, 230 FIFTH invites you to enjoy their 365 degree view of NYC’s impressive skyline.

230 Fifth

Their enclosed rooftop allows you to keep the party going, rain or shine. On weekends stop by and enjoy the best brunch in town. Though it is summer, if the weather decides to be chilly you might be given one of their ‘signature’ hooded, red robes.

Speaking of brunch, you are now able to make reservations for brunch, book VIP bottle service and plan parties online via http://rooftopreservation.com/, thanks to YourPortal.

Hitting NYC this summer? Don’t let this season pass without stopping by these local treasures. Already been? Comment below and let us know what you thought. Follow @ProjectParties on twitter and like us on Facebook for more great venues and party info.


Don’t Waste Your “Spare” Time

From too hot to function to chilly, rainy weather, summertime in Chicago goes from one extreme to the next. So when it’s broiling hot or unpleasantly cold, how do you keep your family entertained and not cooped up? Bowling.

You excite the family, pile them into the car, fight traffic and arrive at your destination only to find every lane is taken…now what? Luckily for you, that scenario will never take place because Projectparties.com and Yourportal have brought you online lane reservation!

While the kids are getting dressed or eating lunch, simply go to one of our bowling center’s designated links and reserve a lane or two. This way, the lanes will be ready when you arrive– no wait, no disappointed kids and no hassle!

The three Chicago venues that currently use the online lane reservation are: Southport Lanes, Seven Ten Hyde Park, Seven Ten Lincoln Park, and we are soon to add Diversey Bowl. Some centers are more kid friendly than others, so take a gander at the website before booking. Also available thanks to YourPortal is online event booking; whether it be birthday parties, a night out with friends, or even corporate events, these bowling centers have you covered!

Have questions about ProjectParties.com or YourPortal’s other venues? Like ProjectParties.com or YourPortal on Facebook and ask away!

An All American Menu: Happy 4th of July!

Summer’s favorite holiday is right around the corner, and for Americans holidays = food! If you are entertaining the idea of a 4th of July party here are some amazing recipes that will provide a culinary adventure for your guest’s taste buds.


Grilled corn on the cob with chipotle butter


Bourbon glazed baby back ribs

Teriyaki lime chicken skewers 

Hand-cut grilled potato fries with a smoky beer cheddar dipping sauce 


Lattice top peach pie

Lemon bars

Enjoy that plate with an all-American ice-cold beer, some tasty lemonade or sweet tea!

Don’t forget to finish off your night with a traditional fireworks viewing. From everyone here at ProjectParties.com we wish you a safe & happy Independence Day! Now tell us, What is your favorite 4th of July party dish?

The Gate Keeper

Booze, hooch, cocktail, firewater, hard stuff, spirit, potion, poison, canned heat, rotgut – whatever the hell you call it, when you’re partying, you want it. All you have to do is get past the “gate keeper”. You know, the always-busy, ever-important bartender. Here are 5 tips you may not already know to acquire that delicious beverage.

1. Arrive Early

Get there before the rush & establish a connection or rapport with the bartender. We know you love to be “fashionably late” but when the night gets jammed & they remember your face you’ll be happy you showed an hour early.

2. Boobs = Booze

It’s best if you have them but it works if you stand near them. Boobs are a different form of attention beyond the sweaty, antsy faces that bartender is looking at all night. This works for male & female bartenders & yes, size is directly related to wait time.


3. Assume the Position

Are there two bartenders? Stand in between their “territory”. Each wants to secure their tip & if you’re in the middle there is competition. Stand on their side and they know you have no choice but to wait. Also, stand flush against the bar with both hands on the wood and money out.

4. Don’t take up unnecessary space

On a busy night bar space is synonymous to realty & if you’re taking up space while nursing your beer that spot is no longer lucrative for the bartender & they no longer like you.


5. Tip – In cash

Want to get drink #2 fast? Tip in cash as opposed to your card; cash is visable and stays in their mind. If it’s on the card they won’t know you tipped until the night is over – tip in cash & they’ll remember you on round 2, 3, 4…you get the idea.


Be sure to follow @ProjectParties on Twitter for more party info & leave any comments below. Cheers!


Before – During – After (Safe Party Tips)

Party is in our name and partying is our game. We are here to help you book, organize and spread the word about your amazing parties. With that – we want to be sure you are breakin’ it down in a safe manner. We aren’t your parents so we refuse to tell you what to do or how to do it & we won’t bore you with horrifying statistics – but we are going to make some simple (mainly common sense) suggestions. Be sure to comment below & give out tips you didn’t see here!


Pregame (Yup!)

  • Eat before you party
  • Protein slows down the absorption rate of alcohol

Eggs, chicken, fish – load up on that protein baby!

Getting there (Rely on yourself, not on technology)

  • If you are using public trans, look up directions & write that shit down; you never know when your phone might fail you

Getting home (Rely on yourself, not on your friends)

  • Cabs, buses and trains are great if you are in a large city – utilize them and know where they are & what times they run
  • If you aren’t in an area with public trans drive yourself or designate a friend you KNOW will respect the position
    • Being drunk for 2 more hours is not worth endangering the lives of yourself, your friends and others

Common sense advice: Know your destinations, who you are with & the areas you are going to be in.  

Google maps are amazing as are city transit sites such as transitChicago.com.


Keep your eye on the prize (Your drink, not the hottie buying them)

  • We know drinks can get pricey but if you suspect yours has been tampered with simply buy another

Don’t let the creeper drag you home

Keep your other eye on your surroundings

  • Are you still with your posse or have you been stranded? If stranded – find out where they are and the safest, most well-lit way, to meet back up

Pace your damn self

  • It takes your liver 1 hour per drink to process – altering with water is not deemed “uncool”
  • Try and stick with one
    • In college we lived by the one color rule or “Liquor before beer you’re in the clear; beer before liquor you’ve never been sicker.”
    • Different sugar levels are what makes you feel sick so if you are switching back and forth you are going to feel it later

Common Sense advice: Use your judgment. Had too much to drink? Slow it down. In an area you don’t feel comfortable? Leave. Lost your friends? Send a text and some phone calls & stay in one place. If nothing else, call a cab and head home. 


The dirty truth: Alcohol Poisoning

  • Alcohol poisoning is very real – don’t be “too cool” to point it out
    • If you think you (or a friend) has alcohol poisoning call 911 or go to the hospital
    • Lay you friend on their side so they don’t choke
    • Don’t let your friend “sleep it off”

Passing out at the bar is not sexy & possibly dangerous

Watch out for friends

  • Be sure each friend gets a safe ride home

Rely on yourself (not on friends/hookups)

  • Your friends may love you but they are partying too; have a plan in case you get separated
  • Don’t walk alone (this goes for men too). If you HAVE to
    • Carry Mace or pepper spray in your hand. Zip up your purse. Be on the phone with someone. Hold your keys through your knuckles. Stay in well lit areas. Stay on main, busy roads – no alleys or random short cuts through the park. Keep your wits about you by not listening to head phones while walking the streets alone or on public trans – know your surroundings.


  • Water counteracts the dehydrated feeling that will give you your next-day hangover

Drink me!

Promise the next posts will be light & fun again – we just want to be sure you are all alive and well enough to book & enjoy more parties! Cheers.