An All American Menu: Happy 4th of July!

Summer’s favorite holiday is right around the corner, and for Americans holidays = food! If you are entertaining the idea of a 4th of July party here are some amazing recipes that will provide a culinary adventure for your guest’s taste buds.


Grilled corn on the cob with chipotle butter


Bourbon glazed baby back ribs

Teriyaki lime chicken skewers 

Hand-cut grilled potato fries with a smoky beer cheddar dipping sauce 


Lattice top peach pie

Lemon bars

Enjoy that plate with an all-American ice-cold beer, some tasty lemonade or sweet tea!

Don’t forget to finish off your night with a traditional fireworks viewing. From everyone here at we wish you a safe & happy Independence Day! Now tell us, What is your favorite 4th of July party dish?


Mingle with a Mocktail

Once upon a time, Friday night rolled around and the office clock hit 5. Employees filed out, their bags stuffed full of paperwork and empty Tupperware. Thoughts of the stuffy office, headache-induced deadlines, and soap -opera office relationship woes dissipated. Calls made and text messages received; promises for a night of fun awaited.

But wait; everyone wants to go to the bar? What about those of us who don’t drink or have early Sat morning plans? Have no fear; life is too short to let a minor thing like alcohol dictate your fun! Here are some tips to help you party sober.

Tip #1: Order up a virgin!

No, not that kind of virgin, you naughty little thing! In case you didn’t know, “mocktails” are the newest trend. In fact, NYC’s Bar & Restaurant Trade Show will be featuring a mocktail Competition next week! While many parties crown alcohol as the guest of honor, we recognize that a party in any shape or form spells fun, so order up an appletini (hold the vodka and schnapps please). If you’re in the mood for a bit of spice, call for a virgin Bloody Mary. And if you need a fruity fix, why not try a virgin strawberry daiquiri? You might even meet (and remember) a sexy princess or your prince charming; the stars shine a little brighter without all of that alcohol clouding your eyes!

Tip #2: Mingle

You just broke through the office-prison walls, the last thing you should do is be a wall-flower.  When you’re busy meeting new people and connecting with old friends, it is unlikely that you will feel the pressure to drink. Plus, you never know the role that person across from you: your next travel buddy, shopping friend, confidante, or even (*gasp*), a future boss.  It’s a confident feeling knowing you can present yourself in the best light possible as opposed to holding in drunken comments all night! Need something to do with your hands? Eat or order up that “mocktail” we talked about.

Tip #3: Smile!

You know the phrase, “A smile is contagious”? Well, if you smile and truly mean it, you’ll likely evoke a conga line of smiles following yours. Have a blast entertaining guests or being among fellow party people. When you’re having genuine fun, it shows, & you’ll be relieved of the pressure to drink and be able to enjoy your night!

Have a hard time refusing a drink? Utilize our simple online system to book your own party and make your own rules (Example: No Drunk’s Allowed)!

Don’t Forget Dad!

Father’s Day is this weekend (Sunday 6/17… in case you forgot)! What better way celebrate dad than to spend time at some Chicago hot spots? Whether your dad’s a sports fanatic or a serious foodie, we’ve gotgreat ideas that are sure to please.

Sports FanDadic (Ha! So Cheesy):

It’s NBA Finals; watch the Heat vs. Thunder at one of Chicago’s best sports bars, The Scout. Their walls are decked with 34 HD flat screens for dad’s (and your) viewing pleasure. Want to make it an all day event?  The Scout’s Sunday brunch is known throughout Chicago and is sure to put a smile on dad’s face; start with brunch then kick around until the game starts at 7pm. Book a private table & “Sports Package” at

The Scout on 1301 S. Wabash Ave.

If your dad is a Cubs fan, head over to Wrigley to see them take on the Red Sox. Try to get tickets ASAP, but if you can’t find any, watch the game from Casey Moran’s famous Wrigleyville Beergarden. Visit for details.

Father Foodie:

Men love beer. Men love bacon. Put them together and you’ve just provided the best Father’s Day dad could ask for. Paddy Long’s Beer and Bacon Pub offers a beer and bacon tasting where you can sample five seasonal beers with five cuts of bacon. Sadly, Sunday is all booked up, but there are still Saturday night spots, so head over to to reserve online!

Does dad like pig roasts? We have two locations to try!

  1. Chicago’s New Asian Restaurant, Sunda, is having a Father’s Day Pig Roast where you treat dad to a special menu of roasted pig, chicken and duck with a selection of sides. Top things off with their $8 bloody mary bar. Make a reservation online via their Facebook page:
  1. Head over to Frontier in West Town Chicago for a whole roast pig feast served up with a house-made Cesar and their famous mac & cheese. Check out for details and to book reservations, online.

Hope you and your Dad have a safe, fun and happy Father’s Day!

How to: Get Free Drinks

Jealous of the girl/guy next to you getting a free drink at the bar? Getting free drinks can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t go out much or have never tried before. But, it is possible. Here are 4 tips we’ve come up with to help you get your next drink for free! (Yes, you read that right, free!)

1. Become a Regular

Your new best friend

Get to know the bartenders, waitresses, or owner of the bar. Talk to them and build relationships because they are the people are in charge of the drinks. If you’re a familiar face, there is a better chance that your next shot can be on the house. Don’t forget to say thank you!


2. Travel in a Female “Wolf Pack”

Male Mission: infiltrate, receive free drinks, have a great night.

We all know ladies are more likely to receive free drinks. If you’re male, bring your female friends out and hang around them as other guys buy them drinks (and sneak some to you!). If you’re a girl, plan a GNO (Girls Night Out) and watch the men swoon.


3. Look your best

A lil’ perfume & she’s good to go!

Your appearance is usually the first thing you’ll get noticed for. Girls, wear something figure flattering. Remember – keep it classy not trashy – leave something to the imagination! Guys, dress nicely but keep it simple.  Make it look like you put some time into getting ready for the night, and for a nice touch add a little bit of your favorite cologne! (Visit our Pinterest page for ideas on what to wear!)


4. Amp up your charm – Think Robert Downey Jr.

Mmmm…RDJ. Yes, be as charming as he & the ladies will fight over your next drink.

You’re not going to be able to get any free drinks without upping your game a bit. Try to be as charming as possible, strike up a conversation with someone and build a connection throughout the night. Male or female, if you charm someone enough you are more likely to get an entire night of drinks at the bar free of charge!

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The Gate Keeper

Booze, hooch, cocktail, firewater, hard stuff, spirit, potion, poison, canned heat, rotgut – whatever the hell you call it, when you’re partying, you want it. All you have to do is get past the “gate keeper”. You know, the always-busy, ever-important bartender. Here are 5 tips you may not already know to acquire that delicious beverage.

1. Arrive Early

Get there before the rush & establish a connection or rapport with the bartender. We know you love to be “fashionably late” but when the night gets jammed & they remember your face you’ll be happy you showed an hour early.

2. Boobs = Booze

It’s best if you have them but it works if you stand near them. Boobs are a different form of attention beyond the sweaty, antsy faces that bartender is looking at all night. This works for male & female bartenders & yes, size is directly related to wait time.


3. Assume the Position

Are there two bartenders? Stand in between their “territory”. Each wants to secure their tip & if you’re in the middle there is competition. Stand on their side and they know you have no choice but to wait. Also, stand flush against the bar with both hands on the wood and money out.

4. Don’t take up unnecessary space

On a busy night bar space is synonymous to realty & if you’re taking up space while nursing your beer that spot is no longer lucrative for the bartender & they no longer like you.


5. Tip – In cash

Want to get drink #2 fast? Tip in cash as opposed to your card; cash is visable and stays in their mind. If it’s on the card they won’t know you tipped until the night is over – tip in cash & they’ll remember you on round 2, 3, 4…you get the idea.


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Before – During – After (Safe Party Tips)

Party is in our name and partying is our game. We are here to help you book, organize and spread the word about your amazing parties. With that – we want to be sure you are breakin’ it down in a safe manner. We aren’t your parents so we refuse to tell you what to do or how to do it & we won’t bore you with horrifying statistics – but we are going to make some simple (mainly common sense) suggestions. Be sure to comment below & give out tips you didn’t see here!


Pregame (Yup!)

  • Eat before you party
  • Protein slows down the absorption rate of alcohol

Eggs, chicken, fish – load up on that protein baby!

Getting there (Rely on yourself, not on technology)

  • If you are using public trans, look up directions & write that shit down; you never know when your phone might fail you

Getting home (Rely on yourself, not on your friends)

  • Cabs, buses and trains are great if you are in a large city – utilize them and know where they are & what times they run
  • If you aren’t in an area with public trans drive yourself or designate a friend you KNOW will respect the position
    • Being drunk for 2 more hours is not worth endangering the lives of yourself, your friends and others

Common sense advice: Know your destinations, who you are with & the areas you are going to be in.  

Google maps are amazing as are city transit sites such as


Keep your eye on the prize (Your drink, not the hottie buying them)

  • We know drinks can get pricey but if you suspect yours has been tampered with simply buy another

Don’t let the creeper drag you home

Keep your other eye on your surroundings

  • Are you still with your posse or have you been stranded? If stranded – find out where they are and the safest, most well-lit way, to meet back up

Pace your damn self

  • It takes your liver 1 hour per drink to process – altering with water is not deemed “uncool”
  • Try and stick with one
    • In college we lived by the one color rule or “Liquor before beer you’re in the clear; beer before liquor you’ve never been sicker.”
    • Different sugar levels are what makes you feel sick so if you are switching back and forth you are going to feel it later

Common Sense advice: Use your judgment. Had too much to drink? Slow it down. In an area you don’t feel comfortable? Leave. Lost your friends? Send a text and some phone calls & stay in one place. If nothing else, call a cab and head home. 


The dirty truth: Alcohol Poisoning

  • Alcohol poisoning is very real – don’t be “too cool” to point it out
    • If you think you (or a friend) has alcohol poisoning call 911 or go to the hospital
    • Lay you friend on their side so they don’t choke
    • Don’t let your friend “sleep it off”

Passing out at the bar is not sexy & possibly dangerous

Watch out for friends

  • Be sure each friend gets a safe ride home

Rely on yourself (not on friends/hookups)

  • Your friends may love you but they are partying too; have a plan in case you get separated
  • Don’t walk alone (this goes for men too). If you HAVE to
    • Carry Mace or pepper spray in your hand. Zip up your purse. Be on the phone with someone. Hold your keys through your knuckles. Stay in well lit areas. Stay on main, busy roads – no alleys or random short cuts through the park. Keep your wits about you by not listening to head phones while walking the streets alone or on public trans – know your surroundings.


  • Water counteracts the dehydrated feeling that will give you your next-day hangover

Drink me!

Promise the next posts will be light & fun again – we just want to be sure you are all alive and well enough to book & enjoy more parties! Cheers.

Proof of Age

Nothing compares to your 20’s. Lessons of heartbreaks, scholastic woes, roommate turmoil and the true start of the never-ending journey to figuring out who you are and who you want to be are all included in this decade of your life. But the best part about your 20’s is that you get to make a shit ton of mistakes & have a shit ton of fun while doing it!

While Chicago is crawling with pubs & clubs, there’s one nightlife venue that stands above the rest. The Proof is in the VIP experience.

Proof nightclub, conveniently located in the heart of the Gold Coast on Rush, has two unique floors of nightlife that cater to your desires. The exclusive VIP sections are separated from the main club area with unique elevations and glass.

Proof has a more intimate setting on the second floor, where you can enjoy table service with friends, or even book your own sinfully private party. Bars are located throughout the club and extensive champagne and bottle service lists are available at all tables.

So what sets Proof apart from the rest? There’s a good chance you’ll see some celebrity action. Proof is regularly visited by celebrities and athletes such as LMFAO, Whitney Port, Tom Green, MTV’s Ronnie Margo, Michael Trevino, Dennis Quaid & the list goes on and on. What better way to get crazy and create some 20-something stories than starting a sentence with “This one night I met…”

LMFAO & Far East Movement

MTV Ronnie

Michael Trevino from the Vampire Diaries

Alas, not every night can include someone famous. But no worries; at Proof, every night is VIP.

To experience Proof and book a party package online visit or