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Two US Olympic Athletes in Top 10

Many of us can recall sitting on the edge of our seats as we watched gymnast Kerri Strug stick her vault landing on an injured ankle in the 1996 Summer Olympics, securing the US the gold medal; or maybe we witnessed both North and South Korea put aside their political differences and walk under the same flag for the first time in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Bottom line—whether you only watch the commencement ceremony or record every event, the Olympics never cease to impress.

London was selected to host the 2012 Olympic games this summer and athletes will be taking over the city streets starting July 27 – August 12. So the Olympics are starting again—that’s nothing new, but what is so special about these games? Who are the athletes to watch for? Luckily has some answers for you.

It’s no surprise that the U.S has two athletes featured in the top 10 athletes to watch at the Olympics this year. Those athletes include swimming-sensation Michael Phelps and speed runner Allyson Felix.

Already a recipient of 14 Olympic gold medals, Michael Phelps has yet another opportunity to break a new record. If Phelps brings home three more medals, he will overtake Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina’s 18-medal collection—a new record that’s very obtainable for this phenomenon.

We also have Allyson Felix, three-time world champion in the 200, as she races for her first gold medal and attempts to beat her recent personal best time. During the Olympic trials in June Felix ran the 200-meter final, her signature event, in just 21.69 seconds. You won’t want to miss this athlete as she tries to run the most flawless race possible.

The Olympics only come once every four years so be sure to hit the sports bars or throw a house party so as not to miss out on this years sporting showcase!

To view the full top 10 athlete list visit and check out the official Olympic schedule at


Don’t Forget Dad!

Father’s Day is this weekend (Sunday 6/17… in case you forgot)! What better way celebrate dad than to spend time at some Chicago hot spots? Whether your dad’s a sports fanatic or a serious foodie, we’ve gotgreat ideas that are sure to please.

Sports FanDadic (Ha! So Cheesy):

It’s NBA Finals; watch the Heat vs. Thunder at one of Chicago’s best sports bars, The Scout. Their walls are decked with 34 HD flat screens for dad’s (and your) viewing pleasure. Want to make it an all day event?  The Scout’s Sunday brunch is known throughout Chicago and is sure to put a smile on dad’s face; start with brunch then kick around until the game starts at 7pm. Book a private table & “Sports Package” at

The Scout on 1301 S. Wabash Ave.

If your dad is a Cubs fan, head over to Wrigley to see them take on the Red Sox. Try to get tickets ASAP, but if you can’t find any, watch the game from Casey Moran’s famous Wrigleyville Beergarden. Visit for details.

Father Foodie:

Men love beer. Men love bacon. Put them together and you’ve just provided the best Father’s Day dad could ask for. Paddy Long’s Beer and Bacon Pub offers a beer and bacon tasting where you can sample five seasonal beers with five cuts of bacon. Sadly, Sunday is all booked up, but there are still Saturday night spots, so head over to to reserve online!

Does dad like pig roasts? We have two locations to try!

  1. Chicago’s New Asian Restaurant, Sunda, is having a Father’s Day Pig Roast where you treat dad to a special menu of roasted pig, chicken and duck with a selection of sides. Top things off with their $8 bloody mary bar. Make a reservation online via their Facebook page:
  1. Head over to Frontier in West Town Chicago for a whole roast pig feast served up with a house-made Cesar and their famous mac & cheese. Check out for details and to book reservations, online.

Hope you and your Dad have a safe, fun and happy Father’s Day!

The Gate Keeper

Booze, hooch, cocktail, firewater, hard stuff, spirit, potion, poison, canned heat, rotgut – whatever the hell you call it, when you’re partying, you want it. All you have to do is get past the “gate keeper”. You know, the always-busy, ever-important bartender. Here are 5 tips you may not already know to acquire that delicious beverage.

1. Arrive Early

Get there before the rush & establish a connection or rapport with the bartender. We know you love to be “fashionably late” but when the night gets jammed & they remember your face you’ll be happy you showed an hour early.

2. Boobs = Booze

It’s best if you have them but it works if you stand near them. Boobs are a different form of attention beyond the sweaty, antsy faces that bartender is looking at all night. This works for male & female bartenders & yes, size is directly related to wait time.


3. Assume the Position

Are there two bartenders? Stand in between their “territory”. Each wants to secure their tip & if you’re in the middle there is competition. Stand on their side and they know you have no choice but to wait. Also, stand flush against the bar with both hands on the wood and money out.

4. Don’t take up unnecessary space

On a busy night bar space is synonymous to realty & if you’re taking up space while nursing your beer that spot is no longer lucrative for the bartender & they no longer like you.


5. Tip – In cash

Want to get drink #2 fast? Tip in cash as opposed to your card; cash is visable and stays in their mind. If it’s on the card they won’t know you tipped until the night is over – tip in cash & they’ll remember you on round 2, 3, 4…you get the idea.


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5 Tips for a Cheaper Bday Party

Celebrating another year is great, but it’s no reason to break the bank. Partying on a budget can be fun; all you need are the right friends, atmosphere and tips. ProjectParties can help you with two of three; sorry, friends aren’t included.

1.       Have the Party at a Venue
Why spend money on decor, food and drinks? Not to mention, time is money and partying at a venue eliminates the hassle of finding music and shopping for snackage. Sit back and let the bar or club take care of it. Besides, who wants to deal with the next day clean up? If you’re in Chicago Fizz meets your budget needs with party packages as cheap as $5 per person.

2.            Keep it Cozy: Table tap booths!
Find a venue that has table tap technology. The table taps are at the booths and remove the hassle of going to the bar or waiting for drinks. Your tab is kept on the tap itself and you only pay what you pour. Grab 6-10 friends and enjoy a booth. Keep it quaint and keep it cheap. Check out Barley House in Cleveland at for table tap packages.

3.            Have a Brunch Affair
Instead of having a birthday dinner, switch it up and have birthday brunch. Go in on pitchers of mimosas or try a bloody mary bar. Bull & Bear in Chicago has awesome brunch specials.

4.            Simplify: Choose beer and wine over mixed drinks
Most venues offer great beer and wine packages, which generally run cheaper then mixed drinks. And hey, you’ll never be disappointed with how your drink was made; and who wants to be disappointed on their birthday?

5.            Know your budget
Planning ahead is a great way to save time and money. By buying in advance, you will eliminate the chance of losing track of your funds. is a great party-planning resource that allows you to control how much you spend.

We’re glad you have another year to celebrate, hope these tips helped. Now get out there and find some friends!