How to: Get Free Drinks

Jealous of the girl/guy next to you getting a free drink at the bar? Getting free drinks can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t go out much or have never tried before. But, it is possible. Here are 4 tips we’ve come up with to help you get your next drink for free! (Yes, you read that right, free!)

1. Become a Regular

Your new best friend

Get to know the bartenders, waitresses, or owner of the bar. Talk to them and build relationships because they are the people are in charge of the drinks. If you’re a familiar face, there is a better chance that your next shot can be on the house. Don’t forget to say thank you!


2. Travel in a Female “Wolf Pack”

Male Mission: infiltrate, receive free drinks, have a great night.

We all know ladies are more likely to receive free drinks. If you’re male, bring your female friends out and hang around them as other guys buy them drinks (and sneak some to you!). If you’re a girl, plan a GNO (Girls Night Out) and watch the men swoon.


3. Look your best

A lil’ perfume & she’s good to go!

Your appearance is usually the first thing you’ll get noticed for. Girls, wear something figure flattering. Remember – keep it classy not trashy – leave something to the imagination! Guys, dress nicely but keep it simple.  Make it look like you put some time into getting ready for the night, and for a nice touch add a little bit of your favorite cologne! (Visit our Pinterest page for ideas on what to wear!)


4. Amp up your charm – Think Robert Downey Jr.

Mmmm…RDJ. Yes, be as charming as he & the ladies will fight over your next drink.

You’re not going to be able to get any free drinks without upping your game a bit. Try to be as charming as possible, strike up a conversation with someone and build a connection throughout the night. Male or female, if you charm someone enough you are more likely to get an entire night of drinks at the bar free of charge!

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