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For the Polished Partier

Last week we told you 40s are the new 30s – well then, 30s are the new 20s! Your 30s are perfect; you’re not too young and overly wild but you’re definitely not old and tired. You’ve reached a new level of partying maturity and we’ve got the perfect venue for you.

Bull and Bear is a classic Chicago spot for people in their 30s looking for
a more polished experience. Located right off the Brown Line in River North, this bar has
become a causal hot-spot.

Bull and Bear is one of the few bars that have Table Tap technology. This pay-as-you-pour
method is a refined experience that brings new meaning to the “no-wait” service standard.
The amount of beer consumed is displayed at your table, allowing you to keep track of your
tab. It couldn’t be any easier.

We couldn’t talk about Bull and Bear without mentioning their delicious and wallet-
friendly brunch. For the morning after partying we recommend the silver dollar pancake
trio where you choose your combo from strawberry, blueberry, banana, chocolate chip
or regular. And who could do brunch without their favorite hangover cure? That’s right,
bottomless mimosas – only $15!

Make sure you check out   for their featured specials, weekly events and all
your private party needs. Trust us; you can’t go wrong with Bull and Bear, where your 30s
are even better than your 20s.


How To Party in Your 40’s & Not Feel Old

You hit your 40s…you could be feeling a little down, but don’t! Haven’t you heard? 40 is the new 30! While this statement is true, it only holds up if you’re at the right bar – otherwise you’re surrounded by 25 year olds and feeling not-so-young again.

It’s time to party with a more upscale crowd. Frontier has just the atmosphere you need. After a long day at work just head over to Frontier’s warm, multi-level space featuring a 40-foot bar, private party room, open-air kitchen and beer garden. The tavern has state-of-the-art ice taps with 16 seasonal and traditional beers, over 20 varieties of canned and bottled beers, specialty cocktails and wine pairings. You can grab dinner and drinks on the main level and then head upstairs to the lounge to watch your favorite game. 

Have a rough Monday? Check out Frontier’s “Odd Bit Monday.” You can enjoy exotic dishes, 1/2 off wine bottles and 22oz craft bottles. They have deals everyday of the week and they recently started serving lunch. 

Frontier is the place you can go where you won’t have to worry about being the new 30. You can simply be yourself; 40 and all.

Great Chicago Bar Patios

It’s officially spring time in Chicago! Since there’s no more snow, (the wind is still here though) bars have begun to open up their patios. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunny Chicago day or luke-warm night with your favorite drink, so here’s our 2012 patio guide.

Frontier: Plenty of seating, mood lighting and a rustic edge makes Frontier one of the most beautiful patio spots in Chicago.

Deuces and the Diamond: A patio with water works, need we say more? It’s like a scene from the Real House Wives of Chicago. Don’t drink too much, you might fall in!

Casey Moran’s: This awesome bar has two outdoor spaces. Pictured above is the roof top garden, which includes great Chicago views. If you don’t like being high up but want to be outside you can chill out in their beer garden.

Joe’s on Weed: This beautiful patio is great for checking out the NBA playoffs. Joe’s is also dog friendly. It hosts a weekly Doggy Happy Hour on Wednesday evenings on their outdoor patio. They even offer treats and water for the pups.

Get out there and enjoy the weather! You can book any of these patio spaces online at Be sure to follow our FB page for more venue info.

5 Tips for a Cheaper Bday Party

Celebrating another year is great, but it’s no reason to break the bank. Partying on a budget can be fun; all you need are the right friends, atmosphere and tips. ProjectParties can help you with two of three; sorry, friends aren’t included.

1.       Have the Party at a Venue
Why spend money on decor, food and drinks? Not to mention, time is money and partying at a venue eliminates the hassle of finding music and shopping for snackage. Sit back and let the bar or club take care of it. Besides, who wants to deal with the next day clean up? If you’re in Chicago Fizz meets your budget needs with party packages as cheap as $5 per person.

2.            Keep it Cozy: Table tap booths!
Find a venue that has table tap technology. The table taps are at the booths and remove the hassle of going to the bar or waiting for drinks. Your tab is kept on the tap itself and you only pay what you pour. Grab 6-10 friends and enjoy a booth. Keep it quaint and keep it cheap. Check out Barley House in Cleveland at for table tap packages.

3.            Have a Brunch Affair
Instead of having a birthday dinner, switch it up and have birthday brunch. Go in on pitchers of mimosas or try a bloody mary bar. Bull & Bear in Chicago has awesome brunch specials.

4.            Simplify: Choose beer and wine over mixed drinks
Most venues offer great beer and wine packages, which generally run cheaper then mixed drinks. And hey, you’ll never be disappointed with how your drink was made; and who wants to be disappointed on their birthday?

5.            Know your budget
Planning ahead is a great way to save time and money. By buying in advance, you will eliminate the chance of losing track of your funds. is a great party-planning resource that allows you to control how much you spend.

We’re glad you have another year to celebrate, hope these tips helped. Now get out there and find some friends!