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Best Bar Drinks

Drinking is a universal activity. Yet from our experience many people don’t know which drinks to order. Most people get flustered when the bartender or waitress shows up and end up ordering the same thing everywhere they go. Next time you go out try one of these options.

1. The Classic: Cosmopolitan

This is one of my favorite drinks to order (and was my first legally ordered drink). Cosmos are usually good and strong.  A few of these will add some life and color to your party. Average price, $8

2. The New Classic: The Lemon Drop

This drink has become more popular in recent years. The sourness of the lemon combined with a touch of sweet turns vodka into something amazing. Think of this as the adult version of lemonade. Average price, $7-9

3. The Best Drink You’ve  Never Tried: The Buttery Nipple

It’s like dessert in a cup. It’s technically a shot, none the less, it’s strong and sweet. Price varies.

4. For Fun: Tequila Sunrise

This drink just makes you feel good. Beware though, not everyone can make these well. Prices vary depending on the type of tequila. Average price $7

Tell us your favorite bar drink in the comment section.


A Party with Food!

Food Fight! No, not the outrageous throwing of food into people’s hair but the epic internal dilemma of finding the perfect venue with food, drinks, sports & a kid friendly atmosphere. Look no further, Barn & Company in Chicago’s Sheffield/De Paul area has you covered.

Barn & Company is an authentic smoke house with a large open kitchen and wood burning pit. They even call head chef Gary Wiviott the “Pit Master!” Most bars have adopted the wing and fries combo when it comes to their sports night but B&Co brings you a balance. “We stay focused on brisket, baby back ribs, pulled pork and free range smoked chicken, but for those that aren’t crazy about BBQ, we also offer some damn good non-BBQ’d food too, “ says Chef Bob Zrenner.

If you’re planning a big party and need a food element, this is the place to go. Check out their great party packages at

If you’re not sold on the food (and why wouldn’t you be?), there are some drink specials that would go along perfectly with the Bulls, Blackhawks & fighting Illinois games. Our suggestion: try the “Make Your Own Bucket of Beer” deal – $22 & you chose any 5 types of beer!

Need to book a family-style, kid friendly party? Kids eat FREE on Wednesdays & you can get your BBQ fix. A half-slab of their ribs and the beer bucket special & you will never have an internal “Food Fight” struggle again!